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Protective Visor for Commercial Environments

Ramfoam Care+ visors are designed for commercial environments to protect staff and increase consumer confidence. They are available in a multitude of colours and combinations to match your brand and uniforms.

Reusable, self-adjusting comfort fit headpiece


Our visors feature latex-free, hypo-allergenic, medically approved skin contact foam, manufactured from Zotefoams market-leading Plastazote®.

The design provides a comfortable, self-adjusting seal fit and can be reused time and again. Its closed-cell structure does not allow the ingress of liquids or aerosols, which prevents bacteria from being harboured - and because all liquids are restricted to the surface, disinfecting and sterilising the visor is easy.

Replaceable, optically clear protective visor

Shield db.jpg

Ramfoam Care+ is manufactured with an anti-static and anti-fog coated visor.

The visor extends from the forehead to below the chin and wraps around the sides of the face to provide protection to the complete facial area. The most vulnerable facial areas, such as eyes, nose and mouth are protected from splashing or spraying.

Easy assemble, light weight two-piece design


Ramfoam Care+ provides maximum protection without compromising on comfort.

Taking seconds to assemble, the product features built-in face mask harness points to reduce ear injury by other PPE products.

They are easy to clean and feature a white label with name tag area for personalisation.

Going beyond just personal protection

Ramfoam Care+.png

Benefits and features

  • Certification to EN 166:2001

  • Lightweight

  • Comfort, self-adjusting seal fit

  • Reusable, easy clean headpiece

  • Replaceable optically clear visor

  • Fully recyclable components

  • Lower whole-life cost than alternatives

  • Available in alternative colours

  • No use of elastic or adhesives for a greater shelf life

  • UK manufactured with huge production capacity.

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